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Bible Atlas

Atlas 14.00
This is a 32 page Atlas that lists every place in the Bible. Over 2000 entries.
Modern Day overlays for each major map are also helpful in showing
what is in that location now. You can also write on these maps using the
easy-erase markers [not included]. Three full color topographical maps
illustrate mountain ranges and elevation.
These maps are not published by us, but are designed for Bible research.
The booklet measures 5 1/2 inches by 8 inches. The cover is laminated with
a full Table of Contents. As always, it would be wise to review the
Society's Publications in addition.

Some of the Brothers have requested that this be sent out right away.

Postage for First Class and the bubble pack that we would use is 1.75 Total is 15.75.
Postage for Priority mail would be 4.25 Total is 18.25.
Priority would include a Deivery Confirmation Label.

Below is a list of the Table of Contents

2   The Wilderness Tabernacle
3   Modern Day Map of the Exodus Era
4   Era of The Exodus
5   Solomanís Temple
6   Modern Day Bible Lands
7   Bible Lands
8   Herodís Temple
9   Modern Day Israel
10 Bible Times Israel
11 New Testament Jerusalem
12 Modern Day Mid-East
13 Bible Lands Mid-East
14 Paulís Journeys Maps
15 Paulís Journeys Descriptions
16 Mid-East - Topographical
17 Bible Lands - Topographical
18 Northern Israel - Topographical
19 Southern Israel - Topographical
20 Master Index

Dry Erase Markers. Fine Point.
DEM4 5.00 Vinyl package containing 4 colors. Black, Blue, Green and Red.
DEMG 1.30 Green Marker
DEMR 1.30 Red Marker

The Watchtower Magazine of October 15, 1981 contained
an article entitled Maps That Bring Bible Events to Life.
Below are a few quotes from that article that you may enjoy.

Without realizing it, we can miss so much when we are reading
Godís Word, simply because we do not have the background. By
finding out more about the customs and ways of the people
and the lands in which they lived, we can gain a deeper appreciation
of so many incidents recorded in the Bible.

Maps play an essential part in conveying this information to us.
Maps should not just be used for finding the location of places.
In the words of Bible geographer Denis Baly, having found the place
we want, ďone should know also, at the very least, how it is related
to the physical landscape, to the valleys, hills, rivers and plains.Ē

It is then that we begin to build a visual picture, and if this
is added to actual photographs of the type of area involved, the
setting will come to life. As we read a Bible account, how easy
for us then to people that setting with the characters described,
just as if we were there watching it happen!

Though you may never have the opportunity to visit the lands
of the Bible, get to know them with the help of maps. Make
your reading of the Holy Scriptures more meaningful by
creating a picture in your mind. Then it will stick and help
you to recall a Bible event more easily.

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