JP Productions

Back Scratchers

BSR 19.00
BACK RAKE & SCRATCHER. We think that this is the World's Best Back Scratcher. The BACK RAKE has a long oak handle that has a walnut head with four different scratching surfaces. (LOW frequency points, HIGH frequency points, a ROUNDED End, and the POWER POINT). All those hard to reach itches are now reachable, and you have a choice of scratching surfaces.

Back Scratchers With Animal Faces

BSRC cat 22.00     BSRD dog 22.00      BSRG gecko 22.00 Turn over the Gecko - it looks like a moose.

BSRWH 4.00
Back Scratcher Wall Hanger. Not Shown. Made out of Oak and Walnut to match the Back Scratchers.
Needs only one screw to mount to the wall.

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