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Pocket Books Spiral Bound

This is a spiral binding of the Pocket Books. It allows the book
to lay open flat. It has 2 extra pages in the front and 2 in the back. On the
inside back cover there is a clear pouch. 3x5 [this is the size of an index card]
You can keep the study schedule in here if you want. The front and back cover
are laminated. The book also comes with an appropriate bookmark that matches the
theme of the book.
If you would like your initials on the front inside cover, add .75.
If these are ordered by themselves, they will be sent out in about 1 week.

We can do any of the Pocket Books in this manner. Please specify by title. We do not
have all of the item codes worked out at this time. All will have the same features as the Daniel Book.
The bookmark, of course, will fit the theme of the book.

PBDSB Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy 10.00
PBCSB Is There A Creator Who Cares About You? 10.00
PBISB  Isaiah's Prophecy - Light For All Mankind [Volume 1] 10.00
PBISB  Isaiah's Prophecy - Light For All Mankind [Volume 2] 10.00

Please take note of the first paragraph under Ordering. This applies to these pocket books also.

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