Door Hangers and Miscellany

A variety of door hangers are illustrated above.

Door Hangers      2.50 each

DH1  Joshua 24:15    As for me and my household, we shall serve Jehovah
DH2  Ecc. 12:1    Remember your Grand Creator in the days of your youth
DH3  Fruitage of the Spirit
DH4  2000 Year Text
DH5  Psalm 86:11    Instruct me,O Jehovah, Unify my heart to fear your name
DH6  Colossians 2:2    Be Harmoniously joined together in love
DH7  Proverbs 3:5     Trust in Jehovah with all your heart
DH8  Psalm 19:1     The heavens are declaring the glory of God; and of the...
DH9  Appreciating Sacred Things
DH10 Psalm 143:10 Teach me to do your will
DH11 2Corinthians 6:2 Look! Now is the day of Salvation.


PCCL Pocket Card Calendar Laminated .50
TMS Theocratic Ministry School Schedule Reduced .20
TMSL Above Schedule Reduced and Laminated 1.00
SAVE02 January 2002 KM Insert - Save / Reduced and Laminated 1.00
SAVE05 January 2005 KM Insert - Save / Reduced and Laminated 1.00
SAVE05SEP September 2005 KM Insert - Save / Reduced and Laminated 1.00
MPY Pen - Colossians 4:12 1.00
MPE Mechanical Pencil - Ecc. 12:1 1.00
MPC Mechanical Pencil - Colossians 2:2 1.00
MPPS Mechanical Pencil - Psalm 143:10 1.00
MPEW Mechanical Pencil - Romans 10:13 1.00
MPBD Mechanical Pencil - James 1:22 1.00
MP88 Mechanical Pencil - Psalm 37:34-1988 year text .75
MP89 Mechanical Pencil - Revelation 14:7-1989 year text .75
MP92 Mechanical Pencil - Romans 12:12-1992 year text .75
MP99 Mechanical Pencil - 2Corinthians 6:2 1.00
PJ Pens with Joshua 24:15 1.00

BH, CBL1, CBL3, RBL1, and RBL2 are displayed.

Information Board Headings    8.5 x 1.25    BH    25.00    Available in Spanish BHSP
Set of 21. Help to keep the congregation's information board neat and organized.
If you would like any made special, for example name of your Congregation
or Congregation number they are 2.00

Contibution Box / Report Box Labels      1.25 Each
Laminated in Plastic - 1.5 x 5 - Peel and Stick

CBL1 Kingdom Hall Contributions
CBL2 Society's Kingdom Hall Fund
CBL3 Contributions For The Society's Worldwide Work- Matthew 24:14
RBL1 Field Service Reports
RBL2 Bible Study Reports

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