This is a list of items that have been added in the last few months. They have already been
placed on the web-site. This will help to keep track of anything new added, instead of having
to look over the entire site. After awhile they will be deleted from this page.

Under Scrimshaw Jewelry

Italian Photo Bracelet

This Italian Photo Bracelet contains all nine of the The Fruitage of the Spirit. Between each fruitage there can be flowers, butterflies, or fruit. The bracelet is silver . The bracelet shown in the picture has an optional name and baptism date. Each bracelet comes in a cotton filled silver toned box. Prices are as follows:

IPBFB 18 link bracelet flowers / blue and lilac tones 23.00
IPBFG 18 link bracelet flowers / green and yellow tones 23.00
IPBBB 18 link bracelet butterflies / blue and lilac tones 23.00
IPBBG 18 link bracelet butterflies / green and yellow tones 23.00
IPBFR 18 link bracelet pictures of fruit / green and multi-color 23.00
IPBN link with name 3.00 [this makes a 19 link bracelet]
IPBD link with date 3.00 [this makes a 19 link bracelet]
IPBND 2 links / one with name and the other with date 5.00 [this make a 20 link bracelet]

If the bracelet fits too loose, the segments can be removed. Instructions included.
If you are familiar with this type of bracelet, you will recognize that
this is a very reasonable price. We should be having more pictures soon.

Under For Our Little Ones

Mommy and Baby Banks

These are the most adorable banks we have come across.

Pictured above are:

Zebra - Wolf - Tiger - Rooster - Pig - Panda - Moose
Lion - Leopard - Giraffe - Elephant - Cat - Bear
Each animal is with its baby attached to its mommy.
Easy to open - plug on the bottom.
They will look very nice in your child's room or your room, and
would make wonderful baby shower gifts!

To Order: Bank+name of bank. 16.00

Under Doorhangers & Miscellany

SAVE02 January 2002 KM Insert - Save / Reduced and Laminated 1.00
SAVE05 January 2005 KM Insert - Save / Reduced and Laminated 1.00

Under Bookmarks

BM4 2005 Year Text  Also Available in BM4F French and BM4S Spanish

Under BookBinding

NAC Hardbound book for Convention and Assembly Notes
144 blank sheets, tan, black, blue, grey, lilac, red or green. 16.00 One ribbon marker.
Includes your name on cover. Specify color.

Under Refrigerator Magnets

RM31 2005 calendar magnet with Year Text.
Measures 5 x 7.75. 3.00

RM35 Perpetual Magnetic Calendar consists of 73 pieces. Can be changed from month to month. 6.00

Close Out On Original Greeting Cards

We have re-designed our greeting cards. We still have a selection of our original cards available. There is nothing wrong with these cards. They are just not as colorful as the new ones. We are now offering them at a reduced rate until they are gone. This is the only place on the web-site this information will appear. It will remain here until the cards are no longer in stock.
OBGC Assortment of 10 [our choice] with envelopes. Gift boxed. 7.00

Embossing Your Names On Bibles & Books

Recently, brothers have been asking us about embossing their names on books that we did not bind. We have been doing this for a long time. It may be cost effective to have someone in your local area do this for you. Our charges for this are as follows:

Name on any book would be 2.00 for the first stamping. Add 1.00 for each additional book with the same name sent at the same time. For example: You may decide to send 7 books to have your name stamped on them. The cost will be 2.00 for the first one and then 1.00 each for the next 6 books. This would total 8.00. But then there would be the shipping charge of 8.00. So the total would be 16.00.

You may choose either a block style, a script or initials. To view a few type styles click here.
Make sure that you print very clearly the name to go on the books.
Names are stamped in the lower right hand corner of the books.

The following are discontinued, available as supplies last

Color Code: B=Black/M=Maroon/N=Navy/C=Charcoal/L=Light Blue/P=Pink

HRHO   Colors: L,P   5.00
House-to-House record holder.

HRHPO   Colors: C,L,P   7.00
House-to-House record holder with extra pockets and pen.

BCO   Colors: B,M,C,P   10.00
Cover for Bi12. Three pockets. Ribbons. Soft handles. Nice carrier for children's Bible.

KMHO   Colors: M,N,L,   7.00
Kingdom Ministry Holder. Holds 12 issues. Clear inside pocket for counsel slip and pen. Also available in Spanish. KMHS

RQHO   Colors: M,N,L,   7.00
Holder for the brochure: What Does God Require Of Us? Also available in Spanish. RQHS

WTHO   Colors: M,N,L,   7.00
Holder for The Watchtower. Also available in Spanish. WTHS

"Jehovah Is My Helper."
Psalm 121:2