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No Blood Jewelry

Bracelet & Key  Key Ring

NBK 5.00    Gold Color Key Ring - These could be turned into a necklace by adding a chain
NBBG 10.00  Gold Color Bracelet
NBBB 10.00  Black Color Bracelet [not shown] Nice looking and easy to read.
The Key Ring comes in a blue velvet pouch and the Bracelet comes in a blue velvet draw-string pouch.
The Bracelet also has wording on the back, like the key ring, referring to the Englewood Hospital.
These have a professional and beautifully made look about them.

A little information about these. The Englewood Hospital in New Jersey
is a hospital that specializes in bloodless surgery. They have made this Jewelry
available. The Jewelry has their Toll-Free phone number on it in case of an
emergency and directs attention to your wallet where your Advance Medical Directive is kept.

This has proven to be helpful.  A brother was involved in an accident. The hospital
that he was sent to did not know how to deal with the situation because of the refusal
of blood. The hospital then called Englewood and was given instructions as to how the
brother should be treated. Everything went well.

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