Ordering Information- Please Read With Care
JP Productions
RR2 Box 426
New Martinsville, WV 26155-9453
Phone 304-337-9019   Fax 304-337-8713

Please keep in mind that the cost of the binding work does not include the cost of the publications that are to be bound. These publications must be provided by you and sent to us. Please take care when sending us the books. A box with cushioning around the books is recommended. We may be able to provide books on phone orders to start your order, please call for details. We use only the newer Bibles with the marginal references. New books are requested. Failure to send new books may delay your order. For more information on this matter, and for some interesting stories - click here.

Please send remittance with your order. No COD. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You will see provision for this on the order blank. Feel free to print out any of the information at this web-site. Gift Certificates are also available in any amount. You may also E-Mail us an order if you wish. If you have concerns about this, click here. You may also phone the order in.

Please allow eight weeks to fill the order. Rush orders are available at times. Please call for availability and pricing.

If we have any problems understanding your order, or if information is incomplete, we will call you collect. If you do not want us to call you collect, specify this when corresponding. We will then interpret your order to the best of our ability. If it is not as you wanted, it can be changed at your expense.If there is a particular item that you may be concerned about, please call before placing your order. This will help to avoid any problems.

A message can be embossed inside the book @ .75 per word. If you would like an extra date embossed in the book add $1.00.

The title New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures can be stamped on the Bible for an additional $1.00. Please specify.

We also do the publications in a number of foreign languages and do other binding with the Society's publications. Please inquire if interested.

If you have many questions - Please Do Not fax or E-Mail them to us. It is much easier to answer questions over the telephone. This is a major factor in helping us to keep our prices down for you.

If ordering from outside of the Continental US - please check with us on the cost of return postage and insurance
before placing your order.

If ordering from another country, postage rates will be more.
This link will take you to the United States Postal Service to calculate rates. click here.
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Just to help a little: One Bi12rs will weigh about 3lbs. Three Bi12rs will weigh about 6lbs.
One Rbi8 will weigh about 5lbs. We also must take into consideration the weight of the box and packing material.
If the calculation is too high, we will refund any money that was overpaid.
Use of Visa or Master Card simplifies processing foreign orders because the currency exchange rate is calculated by the bank.

If ordering bookmarks, cards, magnets, frames, TMS schedules or things of this nature only - postage will be $8.00 on all orders under $30.00 if shipped in the United States.
If being shipped to another country, see the above information.

We prefer to ship through the US Post Office. Postage will be 13.00 on all orders. If you want your order to be shipped
via UPS [United Parcel Service], the shipping will be 17.00. Please keep in mind that UPS and the US Postal Service Are Not one and the same. If you move during the processing of your order, you must let us know. Otherwise additional charges will be incurred. UPS may not forward your package to your new address.

If, after receiving your order, you believe a mistake was made or there is some other problem, you must call for return authorization before sending items back.