Italian Photo Bracelet

This Italian Photo Bracelet contains all nine of the The Fruitage of the Spirit. Between each fruitage there can be flowers, butterflies, or fruit. The bracelet is silver . The bracelet shown in the picture has an optional name and baptism date. Each bracelet comes in a cotton filled silver toned box. Prices are as follows:

IPBFB 18 link bracelet flowers / blue and lilac tones 23.00
IPBFG 18 link bracelet flowers / green and yellow tones 23.00
IPBBB 18 link bracelet butterflies / blue and lilac tones 23.00
IPBBG 18 link bracelet butterflies / green and yellow tones 23.00
IPBFR 18 link bracelet pictures of fruit / green and multi-color 23.00
IPBN link with name 3.00 [this makes a 19 link bracelet]
IPBD link with date 3.00 [this makes a 19 link bracelet]
IPBND 2 links / one with name and the other with date 5.00 [this make a 20 link bracelet]

If the bracelet fits too loose, the segments can be removed. Instructions included.
If you are familiar with this type of bracelet, you will recognize that
this is a very reasonable price. We should be having more pictures soon.

Hand Made Scrimshaw Jewelry

Please keep in mind that the pictures on the web-site
are not nearly as clear as the actual product.

The design of this adorable little lamb was done by hand in the same traditional way as the Scrimshanders of the Old Whaling Days, making each piece an original piece of art. Please follow the instructions that will be included for the caring of your Scrimshaw and you will always have a true treasure of today and an heirloom of tomorrow. Each piece will come with a pouch. You may have this personalized if you would like at no extra charge. Initials only. A date can be stamped on the pouch if you would like at no extra charge. A bookmark will be included that gives a little bit of Biblical information about sheep.

Necklace            Earings                  Pendant

Personalized Pouch

Tie Tacks: Fossil* in Lighter Color / Bone with Silver Trim / Fossil* in Darker Color

Tie Tacks: All Fossil*         Deer / Fish / Duck / Bear
These tie tacks Do Not come with a Bookmark. A personalized pouch is included.

This Bookmark does have a tassel and will be in blue tones for a brother and pink for a sister.

SSN     Necklace  21.00
SSP     Pendant  22.00
SSE     Earings  17.00
SSTT   Tie Tack   18.00

There are some options you may request when ordering. Please specify.
Gold color chain
Silver color chain
Silver trim around necklace
Gold trim around necklace
Silver trim around tie tack
No trim around tie tack
Clip earings
Pierced earings
Longer chain - better for older girl or adult
Shorter chain - better for young girl

* Fossilized Walrus Ivory is the most unusual and beautiful of the different legally available ivories.
These ivory pieces are found by Eskimos in the earth's crust. After laying buried for many centuries,
the original white ivory slowly changes to a beautiful array of tans, mochas and browns
as it absorbs the various mineral deposits in the earth.

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