Service Supplies

TRIF   Black or Burgundy    31.00
TriFolio. This is perfect if you do not wish to carry a bookbag.
It has three display flexi-glass windows to hold your magazines
and brochures. Magazines slide out of the top. There is a pocket
to hold your Bi12rs [Bible and Reasoning book combined] plus a place
to hold your House to House record form and a pencil pouch.
Made of durable canvas. Open size 24x10 / Closed size 8x10.

BIF   Black or Burgundy    20.00
BiFolio. This is also a nice item to use if you do not want to carry a bookbag.
It has two display flexi-glass windows that zip closed. Behind them are two pouches
for magazines and brochures. Magazines pull out from the sides. Made of water-resistant
ballistic nylon. Open size 17x11 / Closed size 9x11.

MDO   Black, Burgundy or Purple    31.00
Magazine Day Holder. Easy Bible holder. Allows you to open
your Bible to the desired scripture without having to slide it in and out
of a pocket. Uses a velcro closure to keep your Bible closed when not in use.
Five easy access vinyl pockets. Each will hold two to four magazines. Ten small
pockets for tracts or handbills. Full pocket in front. Window pocket
for House-to-House record. Pencil pocket and zippered donation holder.

FMRB   Black or Red    9.50
Field Ministry Record Book. They include a calendar, magazine route pages,
field service record pages, blank pages. They also have six dividers along
with plastic tabs. [you cut the tabs to size yourself]. The pocket in the
back of the notebook will also hold a territory map. They will also hold
the Society's House-to-House record slips. Initials embossed .75.
Refills FMRBR are 2.00.
Reminders FMRBRMD 2.00
There are 4 pages and they are laminated.
These reminders will fit in the notebook. Reminders for: Magazine Witnessing,
Apartment Witnessing, Teaching on Bible Studies, Essentials for Return Visits

TH   Black   3.50
Tract Holder. Six transparent inner pockets. Initials embossed .75.

DH   Black, Burgundy, Charcoal, Pink, Navy or Blue   3.00
Donation holder. Two pockets and ID holder.
These Do Not have any lettering on them such as 'Contributions For Worldwide Work'.
They are simple in design. If you want your initials on this item, add .75.

KMHS   Black   12.00
Kingdom Ministry Holder. Includes 12 holders for each monthly KM.
The holder has the holes for the ring binder so the KMs remain
neat and clean - no holes. Initials embossed .75.

WTH   Burgundy   12.00
Holder for The Watchtower. Hard cover gives a firm writing surface for marking your
study copy. ID pouch and a clear pocket for notes. Transparent inner cover to slide
your Watchtower in place. Initials embossed .75. Also available in Spanish.

RQH   Burgundy   12.00
Holder for the brochure: Same as above but titled: What Does God Require of Us?
Initials embossed .75. Also available in Spanish.

KMH   Burgundy   12.00
Holder for Our Kingdom Ministry. Same as above but titled: Our Kingdom Ministry
Initials embossed .75. Also available in Spanish.

AWK   Burgundy   12.00
Holder for Awake!. Same as above but titled AWAKE!
Initials embossed .75.

SGL   Burgundy   12.00
Holder for See the Good Land. Same as above but titled See the Good Land
Initials embossed .75.

BHS   Black or Burgundy   12.00
Brochure holder. Six transparent pockets plus two more - one in front and one in back.
Spine opens to over 1 inch wide. Initials embossed .75.

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